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Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
washington. john gonzales has the latest from the scene. >> the initial call came into prince george's county police around 2:30 this morning. reports of shots fired inside this home. when police arrived, they found a homeowner suffering from at least one gunshot wound. armed suspects, two or three of them, and -- stormed into the house demanding cash and jewelry. >> my brother-in-law was shot in the back in a home invasion. >> relatives arrived a short time after the crime. the homeowner was shot at least once. his wife and his 16-year-old daughter were also inside. >> holiday season, i don't know, just a violent act. >> neighbors heard a loud bang. police checked for fingerprints and canvassed the neighborhood with dogs and high-power rifles. >> it's incredible, especially with all the things that have happened, the violence last week. >> police are trying to figure out how the intruders got into the home. the family has an alarm system and have been here 12 years. neighbors described them as some of the most pleasant on the block. >> very nice. >> detectives spent a lot of time taki
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
arrived. it still seems kind of bright, 38 degrees being the temperature in washington, d.c. our satellite picture shows the clouds will continue moving in. we could see a few sprinkles or snow flurries this evening. the main event really happens tomorrow. this is a weak system bringing snow across the central plains and mississippi river valley today. things are looking good up and down the eastern seaboard. today, partly sunny skies 45 x 3:00 claudia 6:00 and 39 degrees at the midnight hour. we will have more details on the timing of that system, in a little while. first, back to the news desk with scott. >> montgomery county fire fighters or call to rescue some duck hunters in great falls. there were on the water this morning near katie island. after they got out of the boats it drifted away and they were stuck. firefighters eventually reached the hunters, secure their boats and no one was hurt. d.c. police looking for the driver of an suv who hit and killed a teenager. a 16-year-old tarsha jackson was crossing the garrett avenue at first street nw when she was hit by a car fr
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
because house members to not return here until sunday night. abc news washington. >> new word on a potential dockworkers' strike that could cripple the nation's economy. the mediator now says contract with the longshoremen on the east and gulf coast have been extended for 30 days. thousands of workers at the port of baltimore and 14 other ports from boston to houston were ready to go on strike sunday. those ports move about 40% of the nation's container cargo traffic. we enjoyed sunshine across the region, but the big story is tomorrow's potential snow. steve rudin is here to talk about that. >> we are watching the maps right now. right now it appears we will see a little bit of snow here in the d.c. area, but not a ton. take a look at the travel forecast. no problems for indianapolis, detroit, new york city and boston. you will find absolutely beautiful conditions as you head to the center of the country. we are watching a storm system to the lower left-hand corner of the screen. this is what is on its way tomorrow. it will start off as a bit of a wintry mix changing over to right
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm EST
at the cleveland browns status as a fight involving the family of washington redskins player london fletcher broke out after the game. you can see several people wearing number 59, his number. speaking out this morning, he said his family was harassed by fans before kickoff. >> my understanding from the moment they got out of their car, they were harassed by browns fans even into the stadium and a 13-year-old cousin was hit in the face prior to the game. >> the redskins linebacker says is and was hospitalized with neck injuries but she did not suffer a heart attack as first reported. the family claims of this started in the stands. >> they were waving at my brother. one of my cousin stood on the chair and the officers said did not stand up. >> this video shows security and covering someone involved. fletcher says four of his relatives were arrested and taken to jail. the family says security at the stadium escalated the situation. >> one of my cousins was leaving. i saw this officer ron and taser huim. they started attacking our family. >> fletcher called this an ongoing legal situa
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
complex in alexandria. the fire broke out just after 5:30 this morning on south washington the street just stop of old town. the fire was caused by carton's coming in to close to a halogen libel. -- like dole a. five people hospitalized after a fire in springfield. you can see this footage. they were able to put out the fire and shot off the gas leak. no injuries were reported. >> returning to d.c. to discuss the fire that took the life of a published author. he was the chief compliance officer for the u.s. agency for international development. >> a gun scare at robinson secondary school yesterday at. administrators are not saying what led them to search a student from a locker. >> the freshman had a gun in his locker. >> the school suspended both of the students -- the school says both of these distant -- both of these students involved will face consequences. >> a deadly double shooting may be gain at-related. of 14-year-old died in a drive- by shooting on sheridan street. investigators said reyes was with members of a gang. he was not a gang member. police are questioning pe
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
southeast washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> a disappointing day for redskins fans. the hit uponrgon rg iii knee. it was the moment in yesterday's game that left many redskins fans breathless. >> the good news is the team announced last night that there was no fracture or tear in their star quarterbacks any. they say it is just a sprain. >> it is high pretended for dick hyperextended. >-- it is a hyperextended. >> she says the fact that he was able to walk off the field is a good sign. she says how bad the sprain is he the play on sunday but he will likely be sore and have to wear a brace. >> he can play on it but the healing process will be 6-8 weeks. it does not mean he cannot play. >> some football fans say even if he feels like he can play, the best thing for the coaches to do is arrest him. >> i think they should sit him down for a week or so. if that think swells up, you will not be able to move around. >> he thinks they should go up with the backup quarterback. >> i would be nervous. >> barack phillips disagrees. he say -- rob phillips disagrees. he says he did a grea
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6